Let's Keep Our Veterans Flying!

Honor Flight Buffalo

P. O. Box 338, Buffalo, NY 14223 (716)254-4376

a Federal 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charity Organization

Honor Flight Buffalo 
  Flight selection and preparations will begin
in early Spring.  Veterans are selected based
on application date.
Submit your Veteran application now to be placed on the waiting list
If a family member would like to become
a Guardian - Submit the application with your
Veteran Application
Guardian Applications are located here

To date Honor Flight Buffalo has escorted 265 World War II.  Free of charge to thank them for their service to our great Country. 

Thank you all for your support.


It was our privilege and honor to escort you to see your Memorial!



The National Honor Flight Network Totals

Includes all "Hubs' Across the United States 


2011 Flying Season


                                              Veterans Flown      18,055

                                              Guardians Flown    13,893

                                              Combined total      31,948


Since the inception - May 2005


                                              Veterans Flown      81,348

                                              Guardians Flown    39,184

                                              Combined total     120,532